Welcome to Beath High School

Welcome to our new look website! We hope that it provides you with useful information as well as celebrating the work of the school.

Welcome to Beath High School

A very warm welcome to Beath High School’s website.

Allow me to share with you our school Vision, which I believe sums up what we are all about:

‘Every young person is supported and challenged to achieve their true potential through participation in excellent quality learning in a safe, welcoming, nurturing, happy, equitable and inclusive environment.

The school will work in partnership with our local community to ensure every young person leaves Beath with a portfolio of qualifications, skills, experiences and a knowledge of the job market so that they can enter a sustained, robust positive destination of further/higher education, apprenticeship or employment.’

To assist with achieving the second part of our vision statement, we strongly encourage every young person to stay on at Beath for their full six years of learning.

Please get in touch via our enquiries email if you can’t find an answer to your query on this site.

Kind regards

Steve Ross


09-12-2022: S1 Short Reports Printed

Start Time: 09-12-2022

End Time: All Day Event

21-12-2022: End of Term 2

Start Time: 21-12-2022

End Time: All Day Event

05-01-2023: First Day of Term 3

Start Time: 05-01-2023

End Time: All Day Event

11-01-2023: S4-S6 Prelim's Begin

Start Time: 11-01-2023

End Time: All Day Event

12-01-2023: S2 Parents Evening

Start Time: 12-01-2023

End Time: All Day Event


Strike Action - Thursday 8 December 2022

Please see attached letter from Carrie Lindsay, Executive Director (Education & Children's Services).

Thank you

Letter to parents from CL - 02.12.22 .pdf

Beath High School Closure due to Industrial Action

We are confirming a one day closure of Beath High School on Thursday 24th November due to the planned industrial action by the Teaching Trade Unions.  All settings will reopen as normal on Friday 25th November.


School Meal Provision for Thursday 24th November - Day of Teacher Industrial Act

For our young people who routinely have a school meal, a packed (cold grab bag) lunch will be available to take home on Wednesday, in preparation for teacher industrial action on Thursday. These meals will be distributed in school on Wednesday afternoon. 
If the strike action is cancelled at short notice, please ensure your young person comes into school on Thursday with the packed lunch. If this is the case, a limited Grab and Go service will be available at morning break and lunchtime, for cash sales. Thank you


School Photographs

All Pupils S1 to S6 will be given the opportunity to have a school photograph taken on Tuesday 29 November 2022.
All pupils will be photographed individually. In addition, the S6 will also have a group photo taken.
Pupils will be called to the Assembly Hall on the day of Tuesday 29 November. Please note that there is no obligation for families to purchase any of the photographs. You will be contacted after 29 November giving you details of how to view and purchase your child(s) photograph(s).


Strike Action - Thursday 24th November

Please see attached letter from Carrie Lindsey, Executive Director (Education & Children’s Services).

Thank you

Letter to parents from CL - 17.11.22.pdf

FEEDBACK REQUIRED Parent and Carer Evening 8th November

Parent and Carer Evening 8th November

Feedback forms are now available and will take you 2 minutes to complete. Please make sure to submit it by 19/11/2022. Thank you.


S5 Safe Drive Stay Alive Roadshow

The Safe Drive Stay Alive Roadshow will take place in the Assembly Hall on Wednesday 9th November periods 6+7. Could all S5 pupils please come straight to the assembly hall after lunch and sit where you would normally sit for registration. We know some S5 sign out and go home during study periods but attendance is mandatory!


Parent/Carer Evening

Further information about our Parent/Carer evening on 8th November attached. If you would like to come along, please contact the school office and let us know how many people will be attending. We have lots of information to share that is relevant to all year groups. Please contact Mrs Bradley-Laing with queries or access requirements. 


Parental Engagement Group

Perhaps you're wondering about some of the initiatives within school this term and would like to hear a little more about them? If you would like to contribute to shaping the experience at Beath High School for our young people, please come along to our Engagement Group on Tuesday 8th November, 7pm-8pm. Tea and coffee available.

We will be discussing our merit system, Mentors in Violence Prevention, what we could offer to parents supporting pupils in exam years, and our LGBT Charter Award journey. 

This evening is for parents and carers. If you would like to come along, please contact the school office and let us know how many people will be joining us on the night.

Further queries and access requirements should be directed to Mrs Bradley-Laing.


Study Support Timetable 22-23

Please find attached the study support timetable for this session.

Study Support 22-23.pdf